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Enables Free IP for Development

Attodyne introduces its patent-pending AttoLOCK™ technology, which enables engineers to freely download and develop with Attodyne's AttoCOREs™ IP netlist cores. Attodyne's president, Ray Page, says "AttoLOCK™ opens a brand new method for IP vendors to market their products by protecting their intellectual property while allowing the IP cores to be accessed instantly, and without charge, for development purposes."

Traditionally, project engineers were forced to make high-risk decisions relating to using third-party IP cores. Up-front licensing fees raise the stakes when the project is experimental. Additional project delays are incurred waiting for management to sign off on risky budgets, and legal teams to approve license agreements. AttoLOCK™ relieves the engineer of these concerns.

AttoLOCK™ works by embedding a tiny amount of code in each IP netlist core. One signal from each core connects to a single AttoKEY™ net that unlocks each core module. For security reasons, the AttoKEY™ module is currently only available on Attodyne's development boards in the form of a small pre-programmed Actel flash FPGA.

Leveraging AttoLOCK™, Attodyne plans to offer its entire line of AttoCORE™ IP netlist cores for free download as they become available. Once the customer's design concept is proven using one of Attodyne's development boards, standard "unlocked" AttoCORE netlist IP cores can be licensed for a small fee.